We really felt the love last week.  Tom Griffin walked and talked the EVCOM breakfast seminar group through what it is about human behaviour that is so fascinating.  He touched upon the knowledge that by knowing what we now know about how human beings work, we can understand how you get people to believe what you believe, and do the things you want them to do.  Voila! If only it was that simple?  Actually it is. We heart you Tom.  All at The 4th Wave know a thing or two about behavioural science and put it at the heart of everything we do.

Interested?  So were our audience/ Love em.


‘It was a great session, very thought provoking and energising!’ Lloyds TSB


‘…it was a great talk’ Docleaf


Thanks to the BFI Stephen Street for hosting in such a cool venue, and to EVCOM for supporting us.