Behavioural Science

As tribal creatures, we are connected to others by ideas and identities we share. We are programmed by evolution to follow the social norms of our tribe.

For example, when a hotel bathroom sign encourages good environmental practice, towel reuse rises 35%. When signs suggested 3/4 of guests reuse their towels, the figure rose a further 26%. When told a previous guest in that very room reused their towels, reuse went up 33%.

Making it live

When one of our clients wanted to soften their ‘command and control’ culture, we engaged people at a much deeper, shared level than expected.

Instead of focusing on work, we shared and celebrated what other colleagues did outside the organisation. By revealing hidden talents, passions and capabilities of colleagues we tapped into a deeper understanding and empathy, humanising what had been purely corporate, to create a new consensus and a new kind of ‘tribe’.