Behavioural Science

Stories are the oldest form of communication, and by far most effective way of engaging and inspiring others. We engage with, and respond to them at levels that no other form can get close to. When a story is told, we relate to it by calling up our own similar experiences. And often nested in those experiences are deeply rooted resources that we may not have known we even had. Harness those resources and focus them on specific objectives and you can release tremendous untapped potential.

Making it live

The world’s favourite airline wanted to launch both London Gatwick and a brand new First Class product to the Latin American market. Rather than simply present facts and figures, features and benefits, stories were used. A made for TV movie that used the new product and the new airport as its backdrop, engaged viewers in a more emotional narrative.

They could imagine, from their own past experiences, what it would be like to enjoy the new services. It also helped the campaign win an award for the airlines most for creativity and effectiveness campaign of the year.