Behavioural Science

We respond to those who share our traits and outlook. Consequently, we’re more likely to follow their lead and advice. When an investment bank wanted to encourage pay day giving, they tried four different approaches. At first, they sent a generic email. 5% signed up. Then they added a celebrity endorsement. This pushed the proportion to 7%. A message from the CEO took the percentage to 17% – but it was getting the message from close colleagues that led to a 35% opt-in.

Making it live

We worked with a leadership team who felt they were losing touch with their people. Managers instructed and staff followed orders. So we recruited presenters for their conference from within the rank and file staff at the company. Each canvassed opinions and input from colleagues. Not only did this reflect a more collaborative approach, but the simple act of being asked for an opinion built mutual respect, rapport and liking. The high rating for the staff presenter was the icing on the cake.