Behavioural Science

When we know where we’re going and what we want, our brains create new patterns that will help us recognise things that will help us get there. It’s primal programming called ‘pattern recognition’. The patterns contain sets of associations which get triggered each time they encounter some related stimulus.

It’s like when you research a new car and then start seeing them everywhere. By spending time looking at and thinking about the car, you’re creating a pattern in your brain that gets triggered by things that would have otherwise passed you by unnoticed.

So the more precise you are about your objectives and the more clearly you bring them to life, then the more likely it is you’ll achieve them.

Making it live

When a division of a multinational pharmaceuticals company wanted its staff to understand a new strategic direction, we persuaded them to reduce the story to its bare essentials that could form the basis of a simple pattern of recognition in the brain. Then we created a short video which used everyday language, simple graphics and crystal-clear statements to put everyone on the same page.

This animated film turned complex corporate strategy into an easily-understood narrative, engaging people at all levels of the organisation, and was capable of being stimulated into life by a diverse range of environmental triggers.