Behavioural Science

Belief is the most powerful of all motivators. When Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!” he was reflecting a profound truth. Beliefs can limit as well as liberate. When you believe something to be true it can blind you to other possibilities just as much as it can drive you to extraordinary achievements. Belief even changes the way our senses work.

In a focus group where people were shown standard square Shreddies breakfast cereal and asked to compare it to a supposedly new product called Diamond Shreddies (in fact the same cereal just turned on its side) they tended to say they preferred the Diamond Shreddies… “They tasted better!”

Making it live

The world’s biggest-selling soft drinks brand wanted to launch their sponsorship of ‘London 2012’ to staff with a bang. Their UK arm was about to set new sales records, but corporate pride needed to be linked to personal passion. By linking the power of beliefs and stories of sporting glory to business goals, we released the enthusiastic self-belief in everyone at an event that was also the first ever held at the London Olympic Velodrome.