Behavioural Science

Wherever we place our awareness determines the reality of the world we experience. “Is the glass half full or half empty?” is a classic example of this when thinking about your outlook on life. Awareness affects not just how we view the world, it affects what we achieve in it. Our ability to see new opportunities and new possibilities is determined by where we are looking and what we tell ourselves we are going to find.

In a double blind test with Parkinson’s disease patients, many of those taking a placebo produced their own serotonin (the chemical stimulated by the drug they had not actually taken). So strong was the belief that the tablet would work even patients continued to produce serotonin in their brains even when they knew they were taking placebo.

Making it live

When a supermarket chain repositioned themselves around a full service offer, we needed to change the way store managers saw the business. Instead of seeing the store as simply shelves filled with products, we wanted them to see aisles full of meals. By creating cooking zones and using celebrities like Ainsley Harriott to teach them recipes, we shifted awareness, changed internal perceptions – and created a new in-store reality.