Behavioural Science

Even when we know our information is limited, we attach great importance to what we think we know. This is called anchoring – a useful short cut, but it’s often misleading. For example, imagine you have just met a shy, quiet, polite person. If you’re asked if they’re more likely to be a librarian or a farmer, your attachment to preconceived stereotypes tells you they’re probably a ‘librarian’. But in reality there’s nowhere near as many librarians in the world as there are farmers, so the more likely answer, by far, is that your new friend is a farmer.

Making it live

A retail client of ours chose a James Bond theme for their annual awards ceremony. We used the behavioural insight of ‘attachment’ to connect the awards theme and their message of excellence together with the song ‘Nobody Does It Better’. We used it at key moments throughout the evening and linked into the scripting, design and messaging of the whole awards evening.

It became a mantra for the business long after the last Champagne cork of the evening had stopped popping.